Past History

Vermillion itself used to be an old warehouse back in the 2050’s and basically built on the cheap. A big, old cinderblock box; was a poor insulator and was very nondescript. It used to be a cat food cannery for KittenCaboodle. But then the Fall hit, and it was quickly abandoned and boarded up, forgotten for years by society and government alike. No one really wanted to have anything to do with Pier92, anyway.


Eventually, around the early to mid 2060’s, the Clean the City Act was passed. This funneled thousands of dollars into a plan to revitalize certain destitute parts of Seattle. Pier 92 being one of the first places. Initially, the Seattle government wanted to tear it down, clearing it for a car park or green space. But Seattle’s Historical Society reminded them that this one one of the last standing buildings from the 2050’s. Push came to shove, and they decided to keep it.

Eventual Outcome

The Seattle Historical Society had big plans. A museum of everything up to the 2050’s, to show what life was like before. They already had a location, but they were running out of room, so what better place to use than this. Unfortunately, they ran out of funding before they could even break ground, and the project was abandoned. However, Veracorps was in the area, and couldn’t let a good space go to waste. They decided to make it into a vintage nightclub, convincing everyone that the area needed more nightlife. It’s a popular nightspot to go to still, but the crime rate has risen, even more so before Clean the City came into effect.

Specs and Additionals

Two stories tall, 5600 square feet, Vermillion is quite a place to be. It seems all the money they put into the place was spent on the plush interior, fantastic dance floor, immense lighting and sound system, and (done in the old American style of neon-scripting) the LED sign spelling out “Vermillion” in almost twelve foot tall letters. Yet they hadn’t too much money saved for their alcohol, which is still mostly complained about. The drinks are always watered down and overprices. Yet that fact doesn’t seem to deter anyone from coming. A hot spot for the rich and famous.


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