Under the Shadow's Edge

Codex 1: Alright, Mr Johnson...

Our characters were told by their fixer (which, they apparantly have the same one) to go to a nightclub, by the name of Vermillion. Managing to get past the troll bodyguard and ork, they conveined inside. Getting past the watered down drinks, and the glittery “we are young” mentality of the other patrons, they meet Mr. Johnson’s secretary: Ema Van Heradan. She tells them that Mr. Johnson is looking for prime kind of material for Veracorps, and there are lots of other runners that are vying for this job. After heading upstairs, they are quickly debriefed: in order to get this job, they have to complete this trial mission first: go to The Slipped Disc in Queen Anne’s, retrieve a data stick, and bring it back in one piece. Simple as that, right?


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